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My latest attempt at a professional flower arrangement.


Book Covers

A taste of the books available through my website, The Blue House. You can read excerpts there and follow links to reviews and purchasing information. Two novels are currently in print, the ebooks are to follow in print later this year. All excerpts and images are work-safe, though the books themselves are not.



Photo Copout

The closest thing to a photo of me you will ever see. Just mentally add about fifty pounds and some cellulite:


My Occupation

On GlitterRock's Cap-page Board: Glitter's #1 Henchdragon.

In real life: I used to be a secondary school teacher. I'm now studying to become a Floral Designer. I also write homoerotic fantasy novels on the side.


I enjoy reading, particularly non-fiction about ancient cultures, archaeology, and forensics; I do needlework and make my own jewelry. I like kitty cats, and have a shelter kitty, Molly, in addition to four tame strays: Patch, Scratch, Sniff, and Baby Kat. I also have a dog, Sarra.

Television-wise, I enjoy Lost, Project Runway, Metalocalypse, and just about any forensic or archaeology documentary. In films I like The Lord of the Rings (yes, I've read the books, too), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Mummy films, and most cheesy B-sword and sorcery flicks.

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  1. My interests

    03/07/08 00:43:38 | 0 Comments

    I'm going crazy with this Yuku account thing. It's even more fun than LiveJournal, and the Cappers actually laugh at my jokes. Tonight I'll be uploading with pictures of my jewelry (uh, it's all for sale, you know), my book covers, and my furbabies.
  2. Welcome!

    03/06/08 08:45:43 | 0 Comments

    Welcome to my page on Yuku. Most times I usually post about writing or life-related things on my LiveJournal account, but since my friends here are mostly Cappers, I suppose I can talk about capper-related stuff.


This is Molly, a 2 1/2 year old shelter kitteh.


And this is Sarra, with Molly.


Molly's two friends, Patch and Scratch:

Jewel Box

image image

These are some of the unique pieces of jewelry I've made. These are available for sale, since I've never worn them. I also have earrings separate.

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    Thinking about how long I've known you makes me feel so old -- but it's worth it. As awesome a person as ever!

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    Diana Luna

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    Hi back at ya and here's your dancing banana. image

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    Oh, OK. BTW Here's your dancing banana. image

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    You know there is a wyrvn skin don't you?


    Reply from Granamyr1:

    I kinda like this skin with the font.
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